I do beg your pardon baby.

Well, I did promise you poetry but this does’t quite fit the bill. It’s a song lyric that I managed to fit a blues chord sequence to after drinking some wine. The chords are now forgotten but here’s the lyric anyway.


I Do Beg Your Pardon Baby

I do beg your pardon baby

But things are a little crazy in my head.

Can’t hear my voice and I’ve lost my words,

Now everything can’t be said.


I’m just rolling in self-loathing

Sweat soaking the sheets on my bed

Your right next to me but its plain to see

My song is not here to be heard.


Yeah I do beg your pardon baby

I’m winding myself in this sheet.

I’ve got nothing to offer but silence

For everything broken or left incomplete.


I’d like to pour out the memory,

Erase the space for the files.

No flashbacks or panic attacks and give me the cash back

As my new profile compiles.


Oh, I do beg your pardon baby

That I am not the man you can see.

Because the words are there and the voice is true

But the song can’t be sung by me


Yes, I really beg your pardon baby

This song won’t be reaching for you

It can stay unsung, stopped up and dumb

Who needs a tune you already knew?



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