The Truly (Ir)resistible* Crunch of Rannochwall


Bloging 101- The Truly Irresistible Crunch of Rannochwall


This blog is a big, messy mixture of things. There are worthy, sensible high-fibre pieces that will do you good. There is stuff that is more like chunks of dried fruit to provide the occassional burst of sweetness as you chew your way through crunchy bits.

Yes, I have just described Kellogg’s Fruit and Fibre but I am not making a bleating plea for corporate sponsorship- that will come later if I start to use terms like “monetize” and “traffiic”. You’ll know all is lost if that happens

It is a right old mix-up though. You’ll find musings about the outdoors,thoughts about my dog, stories that I made up in my own head and also how the blog began: a piece about politics- have a look at “England’s Dreaming” if you want my view on Brexit and Scotland’s subsequent position. It may be the case that in these strange days there may be more of this type of thing to come.

There are pieces of writing that have out of the spiral galaxy that is my job- I teach English in a high school- and I will post more of these as time goes by. Also, I’m giving you fair warning here, I may post some poetry.

Have a look back at some of the old posts if you have a minute. If you are interested in children’s fiction have a look at Bad Cat and try reading it aloud to a young child. Administered correctly it is a stimulating soporific, a keep-them-interested-leave-them-sleepy type of story.

If you have an interest in Scottish language and culture then the story Private Lazarus is worth a look.  The literary detectives amongst you could have fun finding the way that the invisible hand of “Sunset Song” helped shape the story.

Mostly though its a way to let things that have been stuck in notebooks and on hard drives the chance to get some air. Hopefully it won’t be too dry if you bring your own milk and enjoy the crunch.

* Delete if not applicable


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